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About the ERP - Experienced Role-Playing System

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The ERP - Experienced Role-PlayingTM system is a system born of disappointment. It was created in answer to a disappointment at the restrictions and dissatisfaction found with other pencil and paper role-playing games.

Have you ever played a role-playing game where you feel restricted, like your hands are tied? Have you ever played a role-playing game where you wish you could do something but can't? Have you ever felt restricted by class or race? Have you ever felt like you character does not grow and, that when he or she does, it doesn't feel like you had any part or choice in it at all? Have you ever felt that the spells available to your character are just like everyone else? Have you ever felt like there could just be something more? Well, if you have, ERP - Experienced Role-PlayingTM is for you!

ERPTM has been designed to allow players a free-form system where, while there are some limitations (so that everyone doesn't suddenly end up walking around perfect and untouchable at everything), they are free to develop and grow their characters as they choose, customizing them into the champion of their imagination. Designed over years of development and play testing, ERPTM is role-playing at it's BEST!


Character Basics

In the ERPTM system players have seven personal statistics that determine their overall strengths and weaknesses in various physical and spiritual areas. After rolling these stats, player are free to move points between them in order to shape their character as they please. After this, players choose both a race and role (starting profession). A character's race may cause adjustments to their statistics depending on the race chosen, and they will gain certain traits (both good and bad). Their chosen role will grant each player's character a special unique ability, as well as determine their starting strengths in various areas and how easily they may grow in these areas. A Priest, for example, will be very closely connected with God and find it easier to advance into deeper levels of prayer and spiritual growth while finding it slightly harder to grow in areas of combat where they are less gifted. However, this does not mean they cannot train and grow in their combat abilities, just that they will find it easier to focus on those areas where that are stronger. Almost any character, with enough dedication and perseverance should be able to grow in any area they wish, albeit sometimes a little slower than others. Players may also choose from various different traits and skills to further specialize their characters.


Spiritual Aspects / Special Spheres

In the ERPTM system players may choose from a number of available special spheres that govern their special abilities (such as spiritual prayers). These spheres are all available to each character, but the more spheres a player chooses for their character, the more watered down their ability in those spheres will be. In general, most players will choose a main sphere, two secondary spheres, and a tertiary sphere. The less spheres a character has, the more focused and stronger they will be in those spheres, but they will be limited to the areas of those spheres. The more spheres a character has, the more areas they will have available to them, but the less focused they will be in those areas. But, even in this, characters have freedom of growth. If a character desires to focus in a new sphere they may. If they wish to narrow their focus they may do this also. But in each case, the player must weigh the pros and cons for their character when doing so.

Each sphere is composed of dozens of special abilities from which players may choose. These special abilities are grouped into different levels of strength, with higher levels being harder to obtain and acquire. As players grow, they may choose to focus on gaining many special abilities from the lower strength levels, or they may decide to focus themselves on gaining the harder to achieve but more powerful higher strength levels.



Even though player's may choose the same race and role, they will still be unique and customized in their own way. Just because two characters are Warriors, it does not mean that they have the same skill in battle. One may have a strong attack while the other may have a strong defence. One may have many skill related to the battlefield and commanding troops while the other may be an expert at close combat. One of them may even be a well versed musician and diplomat.  In the ERPTM system each player chooses their own skills and sets their own focuses on their various combat and spiritual abilities. Players are truly able to grow their characters in almost any way and focus that they wish.


Powerful Growth / Meaningful Exploits

While most RPGs have you slogging for experience,  the ERPTM system is designed to keep characters growing and learning from their experiences. In the beginning, characters will level up fairly quickly and often throughout their adventures, growing their skills and abilities. As characters get stronger, their growth rate will slowly decrease, but as a whole, they will continue to grow and develop throughout their adventures. And that is the basics of the  ERP - Experienced Role-PlayingTM system.

For a more information, see: The History of Echoes of SalvationTM



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