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About Echoes of SalvationTM

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In a world where God has been forgotten, the all too real conflict between demons and angels leaves devastating scars across the land. The spiritual war rages on, the lives of mortal men are both the battlefield and the prize. But a chosen few remain, the last candles burning their light in a world totally consumed in darkness, bringing to it the final Echoes of Salvation...

Echoes of SalvationTM is a role-playing game. However, though it is a fantasy role-playing game, in it's core, it is vastly different in theme from other fantasy role-playing games.
Since the very beginning their inception, there have been different views on role-playing games. This all stems back to big grand-daddy of tabletop role-playing games, Dungeons & Dragons. This game sparked a controversy as arguments flew from all sides. Some claiming the game was laced in satanism, teaching children to cast spells and laced in demonic influence. Others claiming that fanatic Christians were taking it too far with their narrow views, and that the game was harmless and innocent make-believe.

Now, while it is true that role-playing games can easily contain offensive or objectionable content, the concept of tabletop role-playing is not itself evil. There are many different systems and many different genres that permeate role-playing games. There are westerns, science fictions, suspense, mystery, horror, fantasy, and many more. But it is systems that deal with the supernatural, magic and high fantasy worlds that tend to spark the most reactions. Now, while it is true that the concept of magic and spell casting in role-playing games is simply make believe, does that necessarily mean that it's okay? Many, even Christians, would say yes. But let's think about it for a moment. We know that real magic is detestable to God, but so is stealing, murder, pornography and sexual immorality. Taking pornography as an example, albeit an extreme one, as a Christian would we be okay to play such a role-playing game? Would we be able to play it without smearing the name of Christ in front of others? But something in us knows that playing a game where our characters focus on sexual acts would not be okay. But why? Isn't it just make believe and pretend? As Christians we are not to set any evil thing before our eyes. We would not role-play rape and wanton murder, so why would we role-play magic.

And this is where Echoes of SalvationTM makes it's stand. There are many "safe" role-playing games that on can play, and Echoes of SalvationTM could easily have been one of these, but instead, it takes a far different approach.

Echoes of SalvationTM is set in a world where magic and spiritual forces are real. But, unlike most fantasy worlds, magic is not simply a force that exists which can be shaped and used for either good or evil. Instead, this a world split and ravaged by powerful spiritual forces. God has been forgotten and demons rule the lands, and it is from them that magic finds it's origin. Twisted, fallen and corrupted, these beings share their spiritual powers with mortals, enabling feats that would otherwise be impossible. Their leader, the dark one, who saw the throne of God as his own, persuaded hosts of angelic legions to join his cause. But they were cast out of heaven and lay waste to the earth, corrupting mortal man away from the image of his creator. But though satan and his shadowy multitude of hosts are powerful, they were defeated in ages past by the selfless sacrifice of the anointed Messiah, the Christ, and their time is limited. Fated to be cast into the eternal fires of damnation, they ravage the world, damning many to join them in their eternal torment. They are masters of deception, corruption and death. They know they have been defeated, and they will ravage the world, corrupting and damning as many as they can to their hopeless, tormented fate. However, just because God has been forgotten does not mean that he does not exist. There are still those who believe. There are still those who know the truth. Those who carry the last light and hope of the world, and with, they carry the power of the Creator. A power, not matching but far exceeding that of the legions of the fallen. A power limited only by the faith of those who believe.

And so, in Echoes of SalvationTM the world is split between the hordes of darkness and the last remnant of the follows of light. Magic and prayer are polar opposites. One stems from the corrupted and fallen darkness of the demonic hordes, the other comes from the very hand of God who holds the brilliant hosts of heaven before his eternal throne.

Echoes of SalvationTM is a role-playing game which doesn't try to stifle the spiritual, but instead to show the battle that rages for the souls of man. It is designed to be game that can be enjoyed by both Christian and non-Christian alike. It does not simply tack on a Christian theme, with the hope of appealing to Christian masses. However, in the same vein, it does stand back, shamed by those who would mock it for being Christian. It's aim to to provide a core, strong role-playing game with good sound Christian base that does not trivialize the Bible. It's unique and It's fun, so...

To God be the glory! And let us shine with the last ECHOES OF SALVATION!


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