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To Slay a Demon

Another piece I did back in Bible College. It's about trying to fight your battles on your own and in your own strength instead of trusting in God and that He knows best, and His plan.

Solin pressed his back against the tree as he wiped his sweat-drenched hair out of his eyes with the tip of his sword. Slowly he began scanning his surroundings, searching the dense jungle foliage for any sign of his adversary; yet he could find none. And, as if in answer to his thoughts, a deep guttural, inhuman voice seemed to come from nowhere and filled the air around him with a darkness so deep, so tangible that he could almost feel it take physical form before him.

It was a vile voice. A voice that scraped the soul like a thousand poison daggers striking the heart, an angel fallen and swimming in a sea of blood. "Do you really think you, a mere mortal, can stand a chance against me? Before you were even born my claws were ripping asunder the souls of men."

Searching carefully for the source of the voice, Solin calmly spoke out his reply, "My God walks beside me and it is he who will deliver you into my hands."

A deep, guttural laugh filled the air, "Foolish human. Where is your God? Was he there when your village was destroyed and your home sundered? Was he there when your family was slaughtered? No, I do not think your God will help you."

A moment of silence passed, quickly followed by Solin's shaky reply, "Y-you're wrong, my God is with me, he will aid me!"

Another laugh, this one more mocking than the last, "Fool. Do you really think you are worth that much? You, you who could not even save your family, your friends? They are dead because of you. Because you did not have the skill to save them. Their voices call, their souls scream, and their blood cries out because you could not save them. You didn't even try. Instead you relied on the power of a God who didn't even care."

Solin replied again, his voice now quivering and broken with tears, "Y-you're wrong. I-I did try... I did try."

A single soft and calm reply answered, "Then why are they dead?"

A loud mocking laugh filled the air as Solin screamed at the air around him, "You are wrong! Foul demon of the abyss. I will defeat you! Come out and face me so I can send you back to the pit of hell that spawned you! Come out, I challenge you!"

Instantly the air was filled with a blood-curdling scream as a large shape burst with such speed from the foliage to his left that Solin barely had enough time to drop and roll aside. Rising nimbly back to his feet; they now stood facing each other, man and demon, as time itself seemed to slow and stop around them.

One stood, dressed in loose clothing and light armour, a bandanna tied round his head to keep his hair out of his eyes. His weapons, two swords - one long and one short, were held in each hand.

The other, standing at almost human height, was humanoid in shape - but that is were the resemblance ended, for nothing about it was human. It was thin and tightly muscled, it's hands and feet were covered with long claws capable of rending stone. It's face was bestial and like that of a humanoid wolf, but without hair or fur. It's flesh, black and knotted, was covered with a constant swirl of blood.

The two stood there motionless for what seemed like an eternity before time started moving again. The demon lashed out with inhuman speed as Solin parried with his short sword and the demon flicked it aside, sending it spinning into the foliage.

Moving with blinding speed of his own, Solin lifted his sword above his head and struck down at the demon, changing the path of blade to avoid it's claws, but without success. The demon grabbed the blade and, entangling it within it's claws. ripped it from Solin's grasp and sent it also flying, lost, into the surrounding jungle.

Futilely Solin tried to defend himself without his weapons, but the demon soon had him pinned to the ground and covered in fatal wounds. It began to speak, one last final glote before the kill, "Foolish, foolish human. You are so predictable, so-o easy to manipulate. Did you really think you, you alone, could defeat me?"

Ignoring the laughing gloatings of the demon, Solin closed his eyes and breathed a last prayer to his God, "Father... I-I'm sorry... I-I turned my back on you and tried to fight on my own - yet it has cost me my life. Please Father, forgive me for I am truly sorry. I do not care that I am dying now, just please forgive me and let me still enter your embrace. Please, I pray..."

As he finished his prayer, Solin prepared himself for the end he knew was comming, he just hoped that his Lord could forgive him.

The suddenly he felt a cold heavy weight in his hands and smiled. Closing his hands over the hilts of his two swords, Solin opened his eyes to face his enemy.

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