Echoes of Salvation started back in 1998. I began development on it because I loved creating games and the RPG systems that I and my friends had access to disappointed me greatly and did not live up to the hype that everyone credited to them. I found them extremely restrictive, and so I began development on what was then Dungeon. As the system progressed, I toyed with various ideas and system building while the system itself went through various name changes from Dungeon to Dungeon Fantasy, to Dominion, to Iron & Blood, to Legacy: Realms of Magic, back to Iron & Blood, and then to Anointed Destiny, and finally to the name it now bares proudly: Echoes of Salvation.


Throughout it's history, many friends and people have played and tested the game extensively during it's development, resulting in the shaping of the rules of the system. And while it has undergone serious revision and adaption since then, their names are not forgotten.

Core Play Testers - Of all the people who influenced the development of Echoes of Salvation, these people where at the heart of it. Always there, always playing, always providing their input and critique. And while not present in the later development and play testing, the input of these people helped shape the system core, and without them this system would not have been able to have developed into the system it has now become:

Jarred Lunt and Kyle McDonald.

Main Play Testers - While they did not have as great an influence as the core play testers. These are those people who tested the system on a continuous daily basis, aiding greatly my ability to develop and streamline it:

Johnathan Pearl, Criss Renwick, Leigh Bouter, Alex Van Rensburg, Solomon, Michael Knight, Michael (A.K.A. Chubby), Alain Upman and Marcus Upman.

Secondary Play Testers - These are those people who played the game often, their involvement helping iron out problems and hick-ups, further streamlining the system. This also includes those who helped play test through to the completion of the system in it's final stage at that time:

Andrew Borchers, Chris Tyler, Nicholas Stock, Kieran Hamilton, Amanda Shaw, Meghan Renwick, Bonny Face, Ashten Lunt, Candice, and Lourence Wepener. (There are also a few names of people who play tested at this time who I no longer remember and am thus able to give them credit outside of this line.)

Minor Play Testers - And finally, there are those people who played the game on an infrequent basis, but even this still helped in the system's development:

Catlin McDonald, Kieran Hamilton, Tyrell van de Hefer, Ashten Lunt and Bonny Face.