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Trusting You, the Customer

After much thought and deliberation, all content available on will not contain any DRM or watermarking.

While this will obviously make it much easier for pirates to duplicate and share our products, in the end they will find a way any way and you, my valued customers will be the only ones who suffer.

It is for this reason that I will not be placing any DRM or watermarking within any of the digital products bought and/or downloaded from this site. However, in return, I do ask that any potential customers will honour their purchases and continue to support us without sharing any non-free content.

There are many reasons pertaining to why I have made this decision, the chief being that I have had problems using DRM items that I myself have purchased as well as stories from others about how they have been negatively affected by DRM and watermarking. So, the short of it is, I am placing my trust in you, my customers.

So please, continue to support Echoes of Salvation and our ministry!

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