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Donation Drive

The main purpose of Echoes of Salvation has always been to provide a powerful Christian role-playing game that can be used as both an alternative to unGodly-themed games and as an evangelization tool to open people to the gospel who would not otherwise even consider talking about Christ.

So, while the majority of the various products on this website do need to be purchased in order to be downloaded and used so as to cover maintenance and development costs, it would be far more preferable if some of these products could be given away for free.

For this reason, Echoes of Salvation now has a donation drive. How this works is that you, the user, will be able to make a donation to our cause. The donations of all users are cumulative and at every $250 milestone ALL digital products will be priced as free for a period of 30 days. This will also be cumulative. Thus, if a second milestone of $250 is reached before the 30 days of free digital content has expired, the expiration of those days will be extended by a further 30 days.

Obviously physical products will still need to be charged for as there are many various costs involved that need to be covered (such as construction, printing and shipping).

In this way, it is a hope that all digital content will be able to provided free of charge while still being able to maintain and develop the Echoes of Salvation role-playing game system and world. And besides, the less time needed to worry about meeting costs, the more time that can be focused on providing you with the best possible content and products!

So please donate and support Echoes of Salvation!

(Soon we will be adding a donation progress meter and free content days indicator so that you will be able to know exactly how your donations are helping us.)

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