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In a world where God has been forgotten, the all too real conflict between demons and angels leaves devastating scars across the land. The spiritual war rages on, the lives of mortal men are both the battlefield and the prize. But a chosen few remain, the last candles burning their light in a world totally consumed in darkness, bringing to it the final Echoes of Salvation...

This is a small printable booklet designed to help Game Keepers introduce new players to the game. The idea is to print and present this booklet to any prospective new player before the gaming session. The player then returns the fully filled in form included in the back of the booklet to the GK. The GK is then able to save time and confusion by designing a character for the new player based on their personal choices presented on the form. This allows the GK to present a pre-generated character for a first time player while still allowing the player some good input into their pre-gen character.

NOTE: This product does not contain rules or gameplay material. In order to be utilized correctly, this product requires the Echoes of SalvationTM - Core Rules and the Echoes of SalvationTM - Prayer Book, which are both supplied seperately.

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